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Kaat Daniëls is Belgian artist who lives and works as a nomad.  Although she is only 26 years old,  she is regarded as one of the young talents of the new female Flemish painting scene.

Mental state of mind and psychological well-being are a recurring theme in the works of Kaat Daniëls.  However,  her paintings do not express a given emotional state or named human disorder. 


They rather stimulate introspection on the viewers personal state of mind,  in relation to his specific context made out of human interactions,  personal history,  realities and dreams.

Although many worldly elements appear in her works,  the paintings are non narrative and independent of the objectivity of perception.  The featuring of these objects are rather a way of giving a powerful voice to the unspeakable. Sometimes dramitically monochrome,  sometimes intens colorfull,  but allways recognizable as a kind of personal signature scheme.  A means to support the artistic objective.

Kaat prefers oilpaintings.  Works are often created in thematic series,  so that the interactions between the individual works adds an extra dimension.  Or like she states herself: “life is essentially an endless series of emotions. The ending of one emotion is merely the creation of another”.

Kaat Daniëls studied at the Royal Art Academy Ghent and featured in several individual and group exhibitions.


venice - off Biennale, 2022.

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