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before departure

please keep in mind that all these posts are my own experiences and honest thoughts, these do not make them the objective truth.

I notice in life whenever big changes occur I always go into mourning one way or another. This time is no different…

I had been talking about leaving Gent and/or my studies,house and jobs to the people in my life for years…

This with all kinds of crazy plans, most of them remain an option in the back of my mind. The thing is, I notice I can no longer keep going with a one day mentality while nothing happens. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends and where I currently am at. The things I was doing and the way I was living life in general. But it kept catching up with me repeatedly and in a profound way whilst simultaneously sending me into deep periods of social anxiety, isolation and depression. I did a lot of trying and failing. But never forgot to learn and/or look for the lessons I had to learn. This is one thing I can say for sure and something I will continue to strive for. I did a lot of growing up and opening my eyes to how “adult” life functions during my time in Gent.

So about a half year ago I made the standfast decision to go and live a nomadic existence for however long it takes. Not an easy one since I have no clue about this life nor am I an heiress of a big fortune. I just know it's time to broaden horizons and learn about alternative ways and views on life then the one I grew up in.

So I gave myself a little time to see if it was not a spur of the moment thing and a lot of time to do research, to talk to my friends and family and contact the people I already know abroad.

My mind did not change but as it happens how my plan looks like did…

First up I needed to get rid of my rental house and most of my stuff, next I needed to find a place to stay so I could save up a little more. Thankfully a friend happily offered up a spare room in his house in return for receiving some of my furniture, kitchen appliances and helping with some housework... This especially is a great thing after some calculations. 80% of my income would go to the roof above my head starting september (how can a young, single and independent person get anything started for themself?).

I was planning to keep my job till november and head to Mexico for an artist exchange straight away, I had a host there and all was set in motion.

But then, life happened as it tends to do..

I got in trouble with one of my feet and also with finding a reference address. Stupid littly inconviniences that changed my initial plans drasticly.

Why? I will be sparing you on the details for now, they are quite boring mostly legal stuff... appart from to the physical inconvenience of WALKING.

But! Slowly I’m solving them one by one (hopefully). It did however make me quit my job earlier than expected which does have an effect on my budget. So I will probably have an earlier departure and move around in a slower fashion (which has the possibility of being a blessing in disguise), however I’ll make my way over eventually.

Currently finding a workaway host or a small job has been the biggest learning experience of dealing with a lot of rejections and trusting the process. I’m not giving up and believe that once I can take the initial leap things will work themself out and start to seem more clear.

Let’s find out shall we!? I hope the next blog post will be soon and be posted from an exhotic place. Chances are If you see a crazy curly headed woman selling drawings on a street…

To be continued…

ps.Don’t be mean and complain about spelling mistakes.

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